How I got to love now

This morning I came across this article about travelling advices and how each of us tend to believe this is the best thing to do. It is, of course, though terms and conditions apply.

I had the chance (and craziness) to travel and live abroad for a couple of years. The experiences, learning, differences, contrasts, noise, religions ways of seeing life & many more have definitely changed my way of seeing things around. When I returned home I was feeling that I am an upgraded version of me – still me, still a different me.

The first obvious question that I heard coming from everyone who knew me was “Where are you going next?”. For quite some time I was trying to explain, give examples and justify myself that I don`t plan to go anywhere, that I am good here. Why this should be an obvious question? Why do I have to justify the fact that I am living in my own country? Maybe because of expectations people have, or because we somehow think such things are likely to happen. Or just curiosity.

It`s been more than 1 year since I returned home, in my home country. And let me tell you that it feels good to be able to hear people around you speak your native language or to not struggle with basic things. Such as paying electricity bills, gas refill, finding accommodation, dealing with the bank, etc.). To overhear discussions and understand what people talk about. To speak to people on the street and them understanding your language. To exchange smiles which we think are universal language but I know they are local smiles. To rediscover my own country and enjoying it as maybe I haven`t done before.

The travel bug is there and I guess it will always be. In my case or in any other case, for people who enjoy travelling and getting lost in new, every day is a journey. Now is the best moment I could live.