On Finland and much wow

As I am boarding my flight back home, I am wrapping up the past few days in Finland which turned to be quite intense. As expected.

1. I had no idea about what a perfect world Finland is in itself! Super impressed.
2. Sauna. It says it all.
3. Helsinki is small, cozy and though it gave an air of communism, I found it welcoming, mono coloured and making beauty out of simple details. 
4. As I got to travel by bus upwards Helsinki, the landscape is simply stunning: miles of forests, tons of lakes and serenity. A preview in this image.
5. Educational system, wow; government programs and initiatives, wow; infrastructure, wow
6. From the places I have been to, I was trying to find another one that would resemble Helsinki. I couldn’t find it.
7. Finns are super straight forward. Which to be honest I had no idea about. Though my latin spirit is stunned by the frankness, I was impressed about the natural way in which it is done
8. I guess it is not only because of the event that I attended, but I got so amazed by the multicultural environment. So many foreigners!
9. Unfortunately I didn’t see any northern lights
10. Finland is totally worth a visit