Why you should just move to that crazy country and not listen to anything people say

We all have those friends and relatives who travel the world, who move from one country to another one and it looks like they are living the time of their life. Many times we are even jealous of them (I am guilty here!), all those exciting places they see, all the cool photos they share and the amount of fun they are having abroad.

Let me tell you a thing. It is damn hard to decide put your life in a suitcase and take off to unknown lands. To make things even harder, people around you will mostly tell that you shouldn’t do it.

I always wanted to see the world and I don’t know if I ever imagined that I will be able to do it one day. Things just went hand in hand and something that I thought could be too much to wish for became reality. Here I was in front of the decision “Should I leave everything behind and go to Mexico for one year for a volunteering job?”. So many voices inside my head said yes and so many people around me said no. Are you insane? Like really, Mexico? Don’t you see the news, don’t you know is not safe to go there? Even at the embassy they made me declare if I will visit the borders of the country. I even didn’t have money to pay for my flight ticket. But I decided I will do it – I have one life, so let’s just live it to the fullest. Everything fell into place, I got my ticket – may our friends be eternally blessed – , I had my life in a 23kgs suitcase (Lufthansa,please do something about your economy transatlantic check in luggage limits!) and some million thoughts running on my mind. It was an experience of a lifetime, I met the most loving, caring and easygoing people on Earth, I felt like I have bloomed into becoming a loving person with so many joyful examples from the people met and it was literally a colorful year of my life.

Same thing happened with India. Really, you want to go to India? For an internship? Everyone goes to Western Europe, US and you want to go to a poor country like India? You know it’s dirty there, right? And it smells bad. They have cows on the streets and you will have troubles with your stomach. Everything in me was saying yes, so I applied the same formula and decided to take all the risks. I still remember the feeling of stepping outside of the airport at 4 AM on that humid early morning: I instantly started sweating, there were sooo many people out there and the first thought on my mind was “What was I thinking when I signed that paper to stay for 1 year in…here?!”. It turned to be a crazy year and a half, with many lessons learnt, with the best professional experience I could ask for an HR internship, getting indianized and understand a little bit better such a complicated culture, and somehow have an profound inner journey.

After 2,5 years of being abroad, not seeing my little nephew, speaking to my parents so rarely and missing to hear my own language being spoken around, I was literally missing being at home. Where will you move now? After being abroad, why would you be back to Romania? Salaries are low, economy is still not going well and everyone moves to the West. Now I have 2 years of being back home and damn, it feels so good! It seems like it is an exotic thing to speak your own language so often, be able to question all those simple things to the uncles walking their dogs in the park, attend theater plays in Romanian and somewhat see your own country with different eyes.

I am about to move to Poland and this time I didn’t even ask for any opinion about it – I just want to do it. I always remember that the option to return home is there at any time; parents are still here, family and friendship will remain family and friendship no matter where I will go or be and having the freedom to chose is something that we all have the right to.

The beauty is that we are all different, with different views, standards, aspirations and dreams; many of these we cannot really compare – they have the personal factor in them which is rooted inside of us based on so many aspects (beliefs, values, experiences, etc.). Listening or not to the opinions of the people is like saying that a particular dish is tasty or not to everyone in the world. There is no general valid rule here – my views is that if you feel like moving to that crazy country, just do it.

Article initially published on LinkedIn at this link: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/why-you-should-just-move-crazy-country-listen-anything-ana-timofei?trk=mp-author-card.