Stockholm travel diaries 

Getting into the taxi.

-Good morning!

-Good morning!

-Where to?

-Arlanda airport, please.

-We will take approx. 45-50 minutes due to the morning traffic, what time you need to be there?

-I think we are good, this time should be alright.

-The price is fixed for this travel, its this one. So you know what to expect.

-That’s ok. Thank you for letting me know.

(moments later)

-Where are you from? Are you Spanish?

-(me smiling) Yes and no 🙂 I am Romanian, but I lived in Spanish speaking countries maybe that’s why my English is melodic.

-Yes it is a bit. Romania you say…

-And to make it a little bit more confusing, I live in Poland now.

-Is it?! Poland. The ones running this taxi company are Polish, they have a fleet of 27 taxis and are very entrepreneurial minded. Business goes good. (It’s Stockholm city taxi, if I am not wrong one of the most known taxi companies here)

-Oh I didn’t know. What do you think about Stockholm’s entrepreneurial outlook, I heard it’s booming?

-Yes, Sweden is quite keen on startups. There are many of them and they have support as well.

-What makes this culture flourish?

-I think Sweden was very open to technology and was an early adopter. Computers and technology are something everyone is interested in learning in Sweden, this IT interest helps to have more startups.
(then we went to educational systems, Baltic countries and their startup scene, short daylight days in the Nordics influencing work and mood, South European cultures being more laid back, communism impact on countries, etc.)
-You know in Sweden we have many refugees and we don’t know what to do with them, there are not that many simple jobs. For them and in general for people without higher education; there are issues to find jobs. This is a problem that our politicians are facing nowadays. Technology is changing the face of the workforce.
(Almost reached the airport)
-Are you local from here or you’ve moved here?

-I am local, but I am half Estonian. My dad escaped the communist system and moved here. He used to hate the system, I still remember all his anger.

-Oh I see. Do you have kids?

-Yes I do, 2 daughters, 14 and 15, teenagers.

-Living pretty much in online world, isn’t it?

-Oh yes, all their life is online. Sometimes is difficult to check what they do or how they feel. And the little one is into make up. I think too much and I don’t like it.

-Maybe you should direct her to some role models, to see different examples and realize beauty doesn’t stay in makeup.

-Yes, I was thinking about it.

-I was great talking to you, thank you, all the best for your family.

-Thank you too. I hope we meet again.

-I hope that too 🙂

Lessons for today
1. Embrace the new, speak more technology and the future of “less simple jobs” wouldn’t be that scary. That’s the path to more entrepreneurial spirit too.

2. Youth needs more heroes, more examples of positive role models, more inspiration from simple values driven actions

3. I knew it, but ¡hey! soy mas latina de lo que pensaba 🙂