Bucharest subway & more 

An uncle at approx. 65 holding a light hat, keeping his feet elegantly crossed and wearing a peaceful smile; a young man captivated by his book; an auntie covering her head with a scarf and returning probably from work, looking very tired and almost falling asleep; a young lady scrolling down her mobile; a 40-years old gentleman wearing a suit and enjoying a deep nap.
The old Nokia 3100-looking-like phone of our uncle loudly rings. T-n-n-n-nnnnn.

– Hello, Mihai! Are you there yet? (smiling wide)

– Ana already called me, she reached. I am at Mihai Bravu stop. A! You’re on the way as well! … Probably we’re in the same vehicle.

– No, don’t worry. We meet there.

I look at him, he smiles me back.

He wears his light hat, has some difficulties to stand up and gets ready to get off the vagon.

The suited gentleman is still enjoying the nap.

In the meanwhile Mihai has joined our uncle, and they get off together. The uncle is wearing matching colors of his clothes: light beige. Probably to match well the warm weather. And the light hat.

I get off too.

Subway in Bucharest, a world in itself.

Touristing Bucharest is always a great idea! Though not a big fan of capital cities, many hours in traffic and subways, I’ve always enjoyed this city. True that friends make the magic happen too.

I see Bucharest as ugly and beautiful, historically rich, culture filled, nice and cozy, messy and imposing, absolutely welcoming people and terribly careless people, concrete jungle and greenish parks, honks and jazz tunes, busy and relaxed, the kind of city you love and hate but with a different flavor, so hard to put into words (I say something similar the lines love-hate for many other cities, but Bucharest has its own personality for sure; one needs to define it on own terms).

Some highlights:

– it’s really an awesome feeling to understand EVERYTHING people say around you! Oh you native stuff, you feel amazing!

– I gave an interview to ProTV channel randomly being asked what I think about mobiles usage (they said 9 in 10 Romanians are falling asleep keeping the mobiles in their hands. I hope this statistic is not true!)

– I super enjoyed Aida opera show; there are so many events and cultural activities going on

– the old town is a world in itself. Calm and nice at day, wild and fun filled at night

– parks are really a peace land. Cismigiu is my favorite

– subway is fast and useful, though I don’t like its grey kinda feeling. I caught a great scene of it, read the story here

– friends really bless any place

– food is so tasty! Ok here I am a bit biased, I missed it ☺️

– the weather in May is delicious.

– And Carturesti.

Old and new, as seen over Dambovita river

“Don’t worry, everything will be alright.”

“Why do we pay taxes? Why do we allow to be mistreated?”

Carturesti, largest coolest bookstore in Romania.

Tourist shoes.

CEC Palace.

Dambovita river reflections.

More old.

Cismigiu park.