What do you do in your crucial time?

I read somewhere that you are what you’re doing on Saturday morning. I also recall from a Jack Ma statement that your future is highly influenced by what you do after your daily work. Basically it depends on what you put your focus and time on in the evenings + now Saturday mornings, as per my latest reads.

this got me thinking.

in the journey of self discovery and getting more of you – real you – out there, I even felt the pressure while reading this. Am I doing the “right” things on my Saturday morning? Is my future compromised because of all the laziness practice on some of the evenings? It’s scarily funny, if you think about it.

it’s much more complex than this, and looking at the piece of truth these Saturday and evenings (I will call it crucial time below) reveal, here come some reflections:

  1. Having a profession that has meaning to you and at least a +1, it’s equally important. This means that many of your professional endeavors would probably extend/get complementary time in some of this crucial time – and that’s ok if it makes sense to you!
  2. If we look at it from a time investment perspective, normally we have a 40-hours working week – it’s even more important to be mindful of the profession we’re practicing in this time. Simply because it’s a lot of time!
  3. If you’re looking into career changes, making the leap towards going into your enterprise/own business, probably the crucial time would become literally crucial for your future.
  4. Let’s say that what you do in those 40-hours working week is something you absolutely love and enjoy. That’s cool! The crucial time is when you get energy, ideas, completary skills and knowledge to get into your loved job/profession and rock it even more.
  5. In a nutshell, without pushing too much and removing the pressure bit (if possible) the crucial time is about 25-hours/week which literally everyone of us has and it’s an interesting reflection exercise to think what do we do in this time.

this reminds me of the blames put on social media wasting our time with mindless scrolling down and stalking and what not – and I agree with it in principle. However if we look at it from the perspective that social media is a great tool for networking, for keeping in touch with family/friends/acquaintances, for learning something new, for getting updates and my fav – for personal branding! People know of you more from social media than from you in person, being mindful about that turns social media into a powerful platform. Practiced in sustainable smart ways, social media is quite great.

PS: I was cooking that Saturday morning and no, that doesn’t say anything about me! I’d only wish to be a great cook 🙂