Morning thoughts on the future of work

Today I woke up at 9:30 AM, I am in between jobs and I love this time of listening to myself!

One of the many reasons why I have decided to shift towards a new experience is to actually do more of this listening to myself.

I am half way through this low carb breakfast bowl and this thought emerged.

I believe that the future of work is the one which embraces individual needs, preferences and aspirations, and creates environments that makes them thrive in, while keeping at the core the individuals, on their terms.

It’s fascinating how technology is evolving so fast but its real embedment to make people’s work life easier is lagging behind. Or maybe it’s not, but it’s clear there is a big resistance to embrace that and we are not there yet.

It’s also fascinating that our work life hasn’t improved and as many other things in this world, is also because we accept this. We can’t expect change to happen while we keep on doing the same old things. (Read the reports of work life balance or the global cost of approx. 300 billion USD annually for burnout)

In the book Sapiens there is a brilliant explanation on what organizations are actually all about. Organizations are not physical entities, they are not the people, the products or not even the assets – organizations like everything around us are just stories we believe it. For example: What is Google? What is actually the organization called Google? If you remove the employees, will Google still exist? Yes. If you remove its business, will it exist? Yes. So what is Google then? It’s the perception and storytelling we believe in, the things we were told and we imagine Google is.

Let’s imagine a future of work where we listen to our own needs, preferences and aspirations first and stand for those, where organizations are built to accommodate this and where technology serves humans to be best at what’s their core – humanity.

One thought on “Morning thoughts on the future of work

  1. Marta says:

    It’s been lovely to read you, as always:)
    I strongly believe that listening to one’s own inner voice is so important as well as knowing our needs. The vision of employers acknowledging this and supporting their workforce in this respect would be a dream come true:) I do not know if work life balance exists or not, seems an illusion to me recently but still I believe it is my responsibility as much as anyone else’s to make our choices and make sure that whatever we do we are able to stay connected to ourselves and find our individual harmony.

    Wishing you tons of happiness and many slow pace mornings in the listening mode:)
    hugs and kisses


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