When it smells like a good week

This was such an amazing week for work, lots of lovely social life and a bit of new self discoveries!


– I got this very bright question “Ana, what do you dream of? (Professionally)”. Such a good one.

– The thoughts and ideas and dreams you have in your mind … manifest them. Why wouldn’t you? If you love working with people, manifest it. If you love social media, manifest it. If you love your boy(girl)friend, manifest it. Easier said than done, yet so powerful.

– Yet another time. The things you share in social media are read, re-read and re-re-read by the most unexpected people. I always look at it as a great opportunity to share a positive aspect and give someone a bit of help, if possible. I wrote a start of an article on my (dusted) blog with books that I get recommended. This week I got someone calling me and mentioning those books they read on my blog! Whaaat!? So yes, amazing. (Here it is https://careeryourway.blog/2019/09/17/book-titles-i-get-recommended/)

– Do you know how the future of work will be like? Human! You heard it well. It will be more of a place where you allow people to just be people, with kids, and bad days, and passions, and quirks, and all of that. Watch this amazing talk by the Community Head at Patagonia, eye opening. I didn’t know much about them before, tbh. https://youtu.be/9hqAr8fkZ_0

– Research shows that people who take a lot of selfies have certain dysfunction, mostly either too high or too low self esteem. Posing, as compared to selfies, seems to have positive connotations. In my case it’s a sign that I work again on a higher floor and got a mirror 🙌 Ok, sometimes the hair forces me to capture it to remind myself when the bad hair days strike!

Cheers to more good times 😊