10 business paradoxes of this decade (Dec 2019)

1. We live in a world where companies literally fight and pay a lot to attract and hire the best talent, but at the same time are not able to keep their employees happy. Employees that eventually leave and the loop goes on. Low turnover rate is the best employer branding strategy.

2. Name a large global company with a strong reputation and chances are on their top priority will be digitalization, business transformation and figuring out how to adapt and still lead in the current business context.

3. The internet, social media, and the technology advancements created a more opened world, gave access to more opportunities and somehow brought power and freedom to individuals, and one would think what great progress comes from this. Quite the opposite. It’s a new world and many systems fail to adapt, learn and lead.

4. An observation I made is that people with professions that have high economic impact in the local communities (engineering, IT, creative, etc.) are rarely “wasting” time online doing the endless scrolling on and on, day in and out. More likely they are taking advantage of the platforms and turn them into learning opportunities, value creation or keeping in touch and that on a quite strict schedule.

5. New business models are created and one would think what great innovation and progress comes with it. Quite the opposite. We struggle to label them as good or bad, ethical or unethical and basically we don’t know what to do with them. So what do we do? We stop them. See Uber, AirBnb, He Jiankui, and many others.

6. For a poor family and even for a middle class family, access to good education for the children is essential for a better life. Yet that proves wrong. Education systems keep failing, good education is not always accesible, bigger gaps are being created. Yet again keeping up with the developments and changes in the world, it’s a big challenge the system faces.

7. 21st century, a lot of access to information, the boom of online and endless learning possibilities, an era where self awareness and meditation are practiced and vulnerabilities are accepted and less blamed, yet we lack leadership and leaders in so many ways. From the work conditions and people development at the job, to visionaries building strong cross-national, cross-generational, open and inclusive societies, to spiritual guidance and communities building.

8. Linked to point 7, one would think that access, openness and freedom create well-balanced individuals, people pushing forward humanity, empathetic and authentic, yet we live in a show off on social media, sodas that bring happiness, casinos that give you money to play, open purchases for months, fun being defined by a console, credit cards at your fingertips, a crazy overflow of discounts and marketing campaigns. Online and digital does not replace responsibility and limits.

9. Humanity takes now forms of display and support, and comfort and help in online get impressive dimensions. It’s humbling to see how much the online world has bridged gaps, connected people around similarities and brought confidence and comfort. When at times the ones physically next to you don’t understand, there is someone, somewhere that will be there for you.

10. In a fast world, the best way for taking leaps is to take it slow. Taking time to think, to be empathic, to create value.

If there is one thing that keeps us moving forward, that is hope. Therefore I have hope in a better future, in the potential of the technology and in us as humankind to be more humane. Cheers to a great start of the new decade!