About CYW


Welcome here, I am happy you came across this page!

Few words about me, why this blog exists and what I think it is, at the moment.

Throughout the years I learnt that I always loved my jobs, and giving 100% at work is my mantra. It is an exciting feeling to be able to identify well with what you do professionally, at times feeling like it’s hard to say if it’s a job or more of a calling. It’s fun, every day is like a new adventure and you welcome challenges with a big smile on your face – you know you’ll manage it somehow! But the other side of the story is that it comes with drawbacks as well.

As someone well said: Being passionate about what you do professionally is a blessing and a curse. A blessing in the sense that it will make you feel alive and you will keep on blossoming. And a curse in the sense that it absorbs you, boundaries get blurry and it can easily be a path to burnout.

I can absolutely relate to this, while on the other hand I do believe it’s about learning on how to handle “your passion” in a proper way so that it’s a strength and it’s moving you forward.

And I agree. Passion at work might be an overstatement. We live in highly capitalistic times, and ultimately every job gets a numerical income value. For those of you who think passionate about work is too much, we can go for doing a job that you like (or even a job that you don’t hate).

Another thing I learnt is that work stability, career advancement and figuring out how to develop yourself professionally are big topics that many people are spending a considerable amount of time to thinking about them. No wonder. 35% of our awake time is spent working. That’s a lot of time! Of course, we all want to live a better life, have a steady income and enjoy life at the fullest.

Probably the reason why I am enjoying the blessing of having a profession that I like is because there are some personality traits that just match that profession. I am a curious person, I am a connector and it gives me joy to help people, I like to reflect and analyse just for my own learning and discovery, and I love travelling and discovering new realities, how people live in other parts of the world and why do things happen a certain way. And I take these traits into global technology business setups, where everyone wants to build “mini-worlds”, meaning companies, where people thrive in while enjoying a journey towards a goal, a vision.

Now getting to the purpose of this blog. I created it to share about the findings about work related wonders and how I experience it, with the aim to help someone in need to hear an honest perspective of someone else.

I have also decided to volunteer some of my time to help people who struggle with figuring out work situations or career development challenges. I don’t have any magic formula for that, or some automagic coaching model. But I will be happy to listen to you, share some of my experience and learning, and maybe offer you a couple of questions to help you think and clarify your own mind. Feel free to reach out if this is something you/a friend needs or just book a slot here https://meet-with-ana.appointlet.com/b/ana 

Thanks again for reading!